Small Cosmetic BagsSmall Cosmetic bags, Coin Purses, Zipper Pouches

Handmade small cosmetic bags using a fantastic lips pattern fabric. The back of the pouch is a black twill cotton fabric. Interfaced and all seams are double stitch for durability. Also added to the zipper a key chain. Dimension of the pouch: almost 5 1/4″ by 5 1/4″ (13cm x 13cm)


HOW TO BUY IT? Click in the link where it says “Contact Me” and send me a private message with your PayPal email to check out. You will need high speed broadband to be able to do so.


The price of each pouch is $18.00 USD + $4.00 Shipping USA ONLY. I accept ONLY PayPal transactions.



Lip Pattern Color:

1- Purple

2- Orange

3- Yellow

4- Dark Blue

5- Pink

6- Green

7- Light Blue

8- Red


Copyright © 2016 by Lolo Sinclair
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